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How good does oral sex taste? What if it tasted...
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Sexual Lube is a special gel to use on your genitals to increase sexual sensation.

This may be good not only for those who enjoy experimenting, they are just as good for traditional sex.

What Sexual Lube is For

It is not a secret that fat and sweat content on anyone's skin or hands cannot be changed at will. You have as much as your body has made. It is the same with the natural lubricant, its quantity may be completely unrelated to arousal.

There is no such thing as a standard quantity of the natural lubricant produced, and individual differences may be very far apart.

Sexual lubricant is a universal way to make any sex more pleasurable. It is good for both a very conservative coitus, and for intensive sex experiments. The lubricant helps different body parts slide against one another and helps prevent any sex wounds.

Best Sexual Lube: a water-based lubricant

The base ingredient greatly influences the base properties а the lube. One kind may be used in any sex or with any gadgets. Another kind damages sex toys and requires special condoms to be used. Check the lube type before you purchase, read the label on the sexual lubricant.

A water-based lubricant may be used in any sexual practices, with any devices or condoms. It is not thick, easily washed off the body or clothing with water without soap or rubbing, does not damage latex or silicone toys.

It is similar to the natural lubricant in terms of contents.

What Silicone-Based Sexual Lubricant is good for

The base component of such lubricant is silicone. Such a sexual lubricant produces a film on the skin. It is not rubbed off, does not penetrate the skin and does not evaporate. Its texture is very thick and enveloping.

If you use silicone lube with silicone toys, there is a risk of damaging the toy.

Of course you won’t see a toy melt under such a sexual lubricant as if it were acid. In order for the toy to become bad, it needs a prolonged contact, and there is no way to tell the exact period. The reaction depends on the quality of both the lubricant and the toy. 

A silicone lubricant is good for sex marathons, hard core stimulation, anal sex and sex in the shower, generally, for all the cases when you need it sliding for a long time.

Oily Personal Lube

Oil-based lubes are usually made of purified vegetable oil, such as coconut, almond or olive. These retain the sliding effect without drying out, like the silicone ones, but are much more eco-friendly and more pleasant to the skin, like the water-based kind. Oil-based personal lubes are comfortable to use in the shower, during anal sex, or simply during messages.

Oil-based lubes destroy latex and polyisoprene condoms. Use oil-based lubes with polyurethane condoms. Natural oil-based personal lubes may be used with any quality toys except latex. Use soap to clean the toys, simple water may not be enough.

Lube sexual for sexual wellness

Modern industry produces lube sexual for sexual wellness. Before purchase, you need to consult a doctor.

Some Sexual lubricants are not limited to watering action. Special additives may widen the spectrum а their effect.

  1.  ANTIBACTERIAL AND ANTIMICROBIAL EFFECTS. Pathogenic microflora, when it gets into the body, may cause a whole a whole set of adverse effects, such as  venereal granuloma, chlamydia infection, mycoplasmosis, gonorrhea, etc. This is why everyone needs a silver-containing lubricant, for these infections do not always find their way in due to random sex.
  2. TISSUE REGENERATION. Nearly every woman has heard of hyaluronic acid used as beauty shots. However not everyone knows that doctors use it widely to restore tissue.
  3. MOISTURIZING AND NUTRITION. Pantothenic acid (aka B5 provitamin) is an essential part of human metabolism. This substance reduces inflammation, restores tissue, and strengthens local immunity.

Stimulating Bonuses of Personal Lubes

Intimate lubes may contain stimulating components capable of making your sex better, longer, and increase sensitivity of erotogenic areas:

  • Arousal effect. Personal lubes are made for men and women alike. After they are applied onto the genitals, the blood flow increases thereby increasing the sensitivity.
  • Prolonging effect. Prolongators for men increase the time a man can hold off the orgasm by reducing the sensitivity of the penis head. However the sensations still remain the same.
  • Narrowing of the vagina. A gel for narrowing of the vagina helps restore the intimate muscle tension. When used regularly, in can increase your sensitivity during the frictions. Besides, vagina narrowing gels increase the result from the exercises for the muscles of the lower pelvis.