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Endless Love Relaxing Anal Silicone Lubricant - 1.7 Oz


Endless Love by Body Action Anal Relaxing Silicone Lubricant helps...
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Sensuva Happy Hiney Anal Comfort Cream - 2 Oz


Keep your hiney happy and comfortable with your more adventurous...
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Sensuva Tushy Tingle Erotic Anal Stimulation Gel


Delight your derriere with a little tickle! Tush Tingle is...
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Intimate Earth Daring Anal Relax For Men


Intimate Earth (formally Intimate Organics) Men's anal relaxing serum's unique...
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Intimate Earth Adventure Anal Spray For Women - 30 Ml


Intimate Earth Adventure Women's anal relaxing serum has a unique...
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Relax Anal Relaxer - 2 Oz Tube


Get ready for anal fun! This innovative water-based formula delicately...
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Cgc Anal Ease - .7 Oz Nature Inspired


Keep your booty happy and comfortable with Tush Ease. Tingly...
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Cgc Tush Ease Anal Gel W-benzocaine - .7 Oz


Keep your booty happy and comfortable with Tush Ease. Tingly...
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Cleanstream Relax Desensitizing Anal Lube


Relax Anal Lubricant is a desensitizing lube that can help...
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It is important to have sufficient lubrication when having sex. During traditional vaginal sex, a woman usually produces enough of her fluid, thus making the penetration easy and pleasant. At times, however, she cannot secrete enough, and when this is the case, using lubricants will help. A little dryness in her vagine does not necessarily mean she’s not aroused. This may be a physiological peculiarity or depend on several external factors.

When we speak of anal penetration, an artificial lubricant is a must.

Nature did not reserve any lubricant for the anus. Using fat makes anal sex easy, painless, and pleasant. If there is not enough lube, sex can hurt and traumatize the anus. You may feel anal scratches and fissures hours after you have sex.

We offer a wide range of gels, greases, and oils for easy anal and vaginal penetration. 

Using desensitizing anal gels

Whatever type of lube you choose, remember it is best to grind it on your fingertips first and then apply it to the desired areas, whether it is your vagina, anus, penis, sex toy, condom, or anything else.

Condoms are easily lubed; however, during intensive and long-term sex, the lube may dry out, making your condom easily prone to damage. It would help if you kept in mind that a condom is only effective when used with some natural or artificial lube. Ensure it stays lubed during sex to avoid unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Quantities of desensitizing gel you may require

There is no rule of thumb concerning how much gel you need to use during sex. This depends on many things, such as a woman’s natural secretion, whether you use a condom or not, or on the kind of sexual activity (foreplay, massage, anal or vaginal sex), as well as on the specific product you choose.

Start with two or three drops and see what happens: if you feel happy about the quantity you are using, then stay on it; if not, add some more. However, it would help if you always remembered that the lube would eventually end, leaving your intimate areas dry, so you may need to add some more gel at some point.

Precautions when using Desensitizing creams

Remember the general rules applicable to pharmaceutical or cosmetics products when using a lubricant.

  • You may be allergic, so you need to test the gel for any allergic reaction. If you have never used a similar product, put it on your hand and see if your skin reacts. If you observe no change for five minutes, use it. If your skin becomes red, it is wise to put it away.
  • Make sure your gel is compatible with your toy. A silicone lubricant may damage your silicone sex toy. It is better to choose a water-based gel to be safe. These have less chance of damaging your toy.
  • Make sure the gel is compatible with condoms. Remember that vaseline and some other oils (such as hazelnut oil) are incompatible since they make condoms porous and decrease the level of protection. Such creams also change the pH level of your intimate parts, which may help an infection get within your body.
  • Remember that the lube does not have anything to do with contraception. A majority of lubricants do not contain spermicide. Therefore, they do not remove the risk of accidental pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

Using Desensitizing Anal Lubes is important in anal play

Anal sex may be painful and discomforting, especially if you are new to it. There are special painkiller lubricants that contain benzocaine. A slight tingling sensation will remove the pain, yet you will retain sensitivity to anal stimulation.

A correctly chosen lubricant will make anal penetration easy and pleasant and ensure you feel good when engaged in sexual play.

A silky smooth liquid will not only contribute to comfort but will also add to the aesthetics of the process.

Anal lubes based on water and oil will be great for both men and women. Whether they smell of fruit or not, whether contained in easy-to-use vials or in a gift box, you can pick a lubricant for any occasion and preference.

Take care of yourself and your partner in advance, for an idea to introduce diversity into your sex may come to mind anytime. Keep your vial at hand, whether on your bedside table or in your purse, and you can implement your fantasy whenever you wish.

Regarding pleasure and making your desires real, make yourself comfortable! Anal sex may be a great and captivating experience using the right and responsible approach.

We offer a wide selection and an easy-to-use payment and delivery system to ensure you get your products quickly and confidentially.


Desensitizing Anal Lubes, also known as Anal Desensitizers, are specially formulated lubricants designed to reduce sensitivity and discomfort during anal play. These lubes typically contain mild numbing agents such as benzocaine or lidocaine, temporarily numb the anal area, allowing for more comfortable penetration. They can help relax the muscles and reduce the potential for pain or discomfort associated with anal play, making the experience more enjoyable.

Desensitizing Anal Lubes temporarily numbs the nerve endings in the anal area. The active ingredients in this lube, such as benzocaine or lidocaine, help to reduce sensitivity and discomfort. When applied to the anal region, the numbing agents take effect within a few minutes, allowing for a more comfortable experience during anal play. It's important to follow the instructions provided with the product and use the recommended amount to ensure safe and effective use.

Yes, Desensitizing Anal Lubes are generally safe to use when used as directed. However, following the instructions and using the recommended amount is crucial. Excessive use or using the product for prolonged periods may cause excessive numbing and lead to potential risks. It's always a good idea to patch-test a small skin area before applying it to a larger space to check for any adverse reactions or allergies. If you have any specific concerns or medical conditions, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before using these products.

Yes, Desensitizing Anal Lubes can be used with condoms. However, it's important to ensure that your product is compatible with latex or polyisoprene condoms. Some lubricants may contain ingredients that can deteriorate latex, so it's essential to check the product label or consult the store staff to ensure compatibility. Using a condom with a desensitizing lube can provide additional protection during anal play and make cleanup easier.

Yes, Desensitizing Anal Lubes can be used with sex toys. However, it's essential to check the compatibility of the lube with the material of your sex toy. Some lubricants may not be suitable for use with certain toy materials, like silicone, as they can degrade the material over time. Water-based lubes are generally safe to use with all toy materials. Still, it's always a good idea to refer to the manufacturer's instructions or consult with the store staff to ensure compatibility and avoid any potential damage to your toys.

The duration of the numbing effect can vary depending on the specific product and individual factors. Typically, the numbing effect provided by Desensitizing Anal Lubes lasts for a limited time, ranging from a few minutes to an hour. It's important to note that the numbing effect should wear off gradually, allowing the sensation to return naturally. If you experience any prolonged or excessive numbness, it's advisable to discontinue use and seek medical advice if necessary.

No, Desensitizing Anal Lubes should not be used for vaginal intercourse. These lubes are specifically formulated for anal play, and their numbing effects can interfere with the natural sensitivity and pleasure experienced during vaginal intercourse. Choosing lubes specifically designed for vaginal use is important, as they are formulated to enhance enjoyment and provide adequate lubrication without any numbing effects.

While Desensitizing Anal Lubes are generally safe, some individuals may experience mild side effects. These can include temporary skin irritation, redness, or a numbing sensation that persists longer than expected. If you experience any discomfort, itching, or signs of an allergic reaction, it's advisable to discontinue use and consult with a healthcare professional. Additionally, it's important to avoid using these lubes on broken or irritated skin, as it may increase the risk of adverse reactions.

If you have a medical condition, it's essential to consult with a healthcare professional before using Desensitizing Anal Lubes or any other anal play products. Certain medical conditions, such as hemorrhoids, anal fissures, or infections, may require specific treatment or precautions. Your healthcare provider can offer personalized advice based on your circumstances and help you determine if desensitizing lubes suit you.

After using Desensitizing Anal Lubes, cleaning the anal area and any toys or surfaces that came into contact with the lube is important. You can use warm water and a gentle, fragrance-free soap to cleanse the area. If you used the lube with a toy, refer to the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and disinfection. Additionally, washing your hands thoroughly before and after using the product to maintain hygiene and reduce the risk of potential infections is a good practice.