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Clone-a-willy Kit Vibrating


Make an EXACT vibrating silicone replica of ANY penis, safely...
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Clone-a-willy Liquid Rubber Refill - Light Tone


Get some more rubber to make another dildo or whatever...
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Clone-a-willy Kit Vibrating Glow In The Dark - Hot Pink


Our homemade dildo kit lets you make an exact, vibrating,...
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Clone-a-willy Molding Powder - 3 Oz


If at first you don't succeed, try, try again! One...
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Clone-A-Willy is a company that specializes in DIY kits for creating personalized, body-safe replicas of male genitalia. The kits allow individuals to mold their penis and create a silicone or other material model, which can be used as a novelty item or an intimate gift for a partner. It's worth noting that other similar products and brands are also in the market. As with any adult toy, it's essential to use the product according to the instructions and consider safety and hygiene practices.

What is included in the Clone-A-Willy package?

Always prioritize safety and hygiene when using any adult toy or DIY product.

Materials you'll need (included in the kit and additional materials):

  • Clone-A-Willy molding powder;
  • Clone-A-Willy casting material (silicone or other body-safe material);
  • A thermometer (to measure water temperature);
  • A timer;
  • A mixing container or bowl;
  • A mixing stick or spoon;
  • A flexible rubber or plastic tube (suggested in some kits for creating a hollow space in the mold). 

Step-by-step Instructions clone a penis: Preparation 

Clean the penis thoroughly. Make sure there is no residue of lotions, lubricants, or body oils on the skin, as they may affect the quality of the mold.

Trim any excess hair around the genital area if necessary, as it can interfere with mold-making.

Prepare the work area by laying down some towels or plastic sheets to catch any spills.

Clone a dick: Molding

Step-by-step Instructions:

  1. Warm water to the required temperature (typically mentioned in the instructions provided). It's essential to have the water at the correct temperature to ensure the proper setting of the molding powder.
  2. Pour the molding powder into the mixing container. Slowly add the warm water, following the recommended ratio, and mix until it reaches a smooth, pancake-batter-like consistency.
  3. Have the person whose penis is being molded insert their penis into the mixture, ensuring that the entire shaft is covered. They should hold the penis in place until the molding material sets. This usually takes a few minutes.
  4. After the molding material is fully set, carefully remove the penis. Be gentle to maintain the mold's shape and avoid damaging it.
  5. If your kit includes a hollow tube, carefully insert it into the mold. This creates a space for the casting material and prevents decay from collapsing during the casting process.
  6. Mix the casting material following the instructions provided. This material is often silicone or another body-safe material.
  7. Pour the casting material into the mold, ensuring it fills all the nooks and crannies and covers the entire mold's surface.
  8. Allow the casting material to set for the recommended amount of time. This usually takes a few hours.
  9. Once the casting material has fully cured, carefully remove it from the mold. Gently clean and inspect the replica to ensure there are no defects.

Finishing touches on how to use the penis molding kit

Trim any excess material from the replica if needed.

Some kits may include additional accessories or items to customize the replica further. Follow the provided instructions to apply any finishing touches.

Clean-up and Storage clone a willy vibrating

Clean all the used tools, containers, and surfaces with warm soapy water.

Store the completed replica in a cool, dry place. Ensure it's away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Creating a Clone-A-Willy replica can be a fun and intimate activity, but always prioritize safety, follow the instructions carefully, and maintain proper hygiene throughout the process. If you have any doubts or concerns, don't hesitate to contact the manufacturer or consult a sexual health expert.

How to order from us a dick molding kit, Clone-A-Willy molding powder? 

Ordering a Clone-A-Willy Kit:

  1. Select the Kit Type. Clone-A-Willy offers different kits with varying features, such as glow-in-the-dark options, vibrating replicas, or additional accessories. Choose the equipment that suits your preferences or needs.
  2. Add to Cart. Once you've decided on the kit, click the «Add to Cart» or «Buy Now» button on the website.
  3. View Cart and Checkout. Navigate to your shopping cart to review the items you've added. If everything looks correct, proceed to the checkout page.
  4. Provide Shipping Information. Enter the shipping address where you want the Clone-A-Willy kit to be delivered. Ensure the address is accurate to avoid any delivery issues.
  5. Select Payment Method: Choose a suitable payment method from the available options (credit/debit card, PayPal, etc.).
  6. Wait for delivery. We will process your order and ship the Clone-A-Willy kit to your provided address.
  7. Enjoy Your Purchase. Once your Clone-A-Willy kit arrives, follow the provided instructions (as outlined in the previous response) to create your personalized replica.

Unlock a world of pleasure and intimacy with our high-quality adult toys, including the renowned Clone-A-Willy kit. Experience unforgettable moments of passion and connection with your partner. Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore new dimensions of pleasure. Order now and discreetly receive your package to embark on a journey of sensual delight!


Clone-A-Willy is a popular penis molding kit that allows you to create a replica of your or your partner's penis. It's a fun and intimate DIY project that will enable you to immortalize your member in a safe and body-friendly manner. The kit includes all the necessary materials to make a high-quality clone, such as the molding powder and casting material.

The Clone-A-Willy kit involves making a mold of the penis using the provided molding powder and warm water. Once the decay has set, pour the casting material into it to create the final replica. The process is straightforward, and detailed instructions are included in the kit to ensure a successful outcome.

Yes, Clone-A-Willy is designed with safety in mind. The materials used in the kit, such as the molding powder and casting material, are body-safe and non-toxic. However, following the instructions carefully and maintaining proper hygiene during the process is essential.

Yes, a variation of the kit called "Clone-A-Willy Vibrating" allows you to create a vibrating version of the model. This adds an extra level of pleasure and excitement to your intimate moments.

Yes, the Clone-A-Willy kit is generally intended for one-time use. Once you've created your replica, the molding materials cannot be reused. However, some kits may come with multiple bags of molding powder, allowing for a second attempt in case of mistakes.

Yes, the Clone-A-Willy kit is designed to accommodate various penis sizes and shapes. The molding process captures all the unique details, making each replica one-of-a-kind.

The entire Clone-A-Willy process typically takes a few hours, from molding to the final replica. The molding powder sets in minutes, and the casting material requires a few hours to cure fully.

Yes, using the Clone-A-Willy kit with a partner can be a fun and intimate experience. It allows you both to participate in the molding process and create a personalized replica together, strengthening your bond.

Cleaning your Clone-A-Willy replica is simple. Use mild soap and warm water to wash it thoroughly after each use. Store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to maintain longevity.

To achieve the best results, ensure that you carefully follow the provided instructions step-by-step. Take your time to reach a precise and detailed mold during the molding process. Also, use the right amount of warm water and mix the materials thoroughly for a smooth casting experience. Finally, have fun and enjoy the unique pleasure that your Clone-A-Willy replica can bring to your intimate moments!