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8" Soft Skins Veined - Ivory


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Get a lifelinefeel with the Softskins7.5" Veined Dong, an advanced...
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"King Cock 15"" Cock W/balls"


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Do you want your first dildo to look and feel...
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Blush X5 Basic 5" Vibrating Dong W-balls - Beige


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The X5 Vibrating Basic 5 is ready for you! The...
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Blush Dr. Skin Silicone Dr. Grey 7" Thrusting Dildo - Vanilla


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Enhance your pleasure with the push of a button with...
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Get Lucky 9.0" Real Skin Series


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Get Lucky Real Skin Series. Dual layered, sliding skin technology...
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Signature Cocks 6" Ultraskyn Cock W-removable Vac-u-lock Suction Cup - Leo Vice


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Molded directly from super sexy porn star Leo Vice, this...
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"Basix Rubber Works 6.5"" Dong"


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Pipedream has put a new twist on a classic product...
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Reflective Gel Jr Dong 7.5" - Purple


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This Jr. Dong is not only 7.5" long but has...
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Silicone Studs 8" Dildo


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Silicone Studs 8" Dildo - Brown
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Realistic Dildos are sex toys designed to look and feel like a real penis. Realistic dildos are sex toys that look like a real penis. Some models have testicles and usually have embossed veins and detailed glans for an even more realistic look, and are equipped with a vacuum cup at their base that allows them to be glued to a smooth surface or used in combination with a strap-on belt. Here you will also find realistic dildo models that ejaculate.


Realistic Dildos: how to choose?

Realistic artificial penises can be used by anyone, and are mostly preferred by people who are buying a sex toy for the first time. These dildo models are also a great option for lesbians who want to feel the pleasure of penetration again.

They are also suitable for couples where the man has health problems and therefore erectile dysfunction. Ladies who love the sensations of an ejaculating penis inside them can take advantage of our offers of ejaculating realistic dildos.

Realistic dildo models are the most preferred and easily accepted of all sex toys. They can be used by people with different sexual desires and requirements:

  1. A toy for beginners - an artificial penis that resembles real male genitalia is especially suitable for people who are trying out a sex toy for the first time. They are available in different lengths, hardness and shapes of both the shaft and the glans and testicles. Since they look really a lot like a real erect penis, they certainly won't startle first-time users. The realistic dildos are among other things easy to use and very flexible.
  2. Hands-free masturbation - there are realistic models that not only look like real penises, but also have a vacuum base. They are suitable for men and women who like to fantasize while in the meantime using their hands for stroking and additional stimulation of their other private parts. Vacuum-based dildos are easy to place on any smooth surface, such as a chair or the floor, so you can ride them while enjoying their extra stimulation without the help of your hands.
  3. Strap-on penetration - realistic dildos are preferred by lesbian and bisexual couples. Two women in an intimate relationship sometimes lack the sensation of penetration, and nowadays hetero and bisexual couples are increasingly experimenting with how and where to penetrate. With the latter, the woman can also penetrate the man, and this is made possible with any dildo that has a suction cup at its base and can be placed on any strap-on belt with a properly sized O-ring. Realistic dildo models are well suited for penetration as they replicate the sensations of penetration closest to reality. There are models suitable for vaginal stimulation, but also those whose sizes suggest anal. In most cases, the latter have narrower tips for easier penetration.
  4. Real ejaculation - in our online store you will find dildo models that not only look realistic, but also have the ability to ejaculate like real penises. Besides ejaculating, they are also called cum dildos. They are filled with a special liquid (artificial semen that resembles the real thing in color and consistency) or water. With this type of dildo you can enjoy exciting moments of masturbation, as close as possible to having real sex, which will end with the dildo actually cumming inside you.

There are different models of realistic dildos.

How to buy a Lifelike Dildo online?

Before you buy a Lifelike Dildo, do some research to learn about the different materials, sizes, shapes, and textures available. Which is the best option is of course a matter of taste, but there are a few things that are nice to keep in mind before you proceed to purchase:

  1. Color - realistic sex toys in this category come in a variety of colors. Considering that we are talking about realistic models, you will immediately think that the skin color is a determining factor for this. But there are also "colored" variants of realistic dildos - dildos in pink, transparent or other color color, which, however, have the same realistic look as a real penis with clearly pronounced veins, scrotum and glans.
  2. Material - most realistic models are made of materials designed to provide maximum flexibility to the dildo. This is necessary if you want to easily insert the toy into yourself and at the same time use it in different positions. There are models that are extremely soft as they are made of cyber leather, a material that comes as close as possible to the feel of real leather. Almost as ethereally gentle to the touch are dildos made of silicone, a material that is hypoallergenic, non-porous and easy to clean and maintain. If you're looking for a dildo that flexes a little more than the rest, then choose one made of rubber. And in case you're looking for the most budget-friendly option, check out our PVC offerings.
  3. Waterproof - we're guessing you want to use your new realistic toy in the shower or bath for new and different sensations too. Most of the models in this category are waterproof as they are non-vibrating, but there are also vibrating ones among them, where it's nice to pay attention to whether or not they can be used in combination with water.
  4. Sizes - you have a few options as far as the size and thickness of the dildo. If using sex toys is new to you, then we recommend you start with a size ranging between small and normal, that is, a length between 15-25 cm. If you are up for a challenge, opt for our large dildo offerings. XL sizes start from 25 cm upwards and offer extra stimulation and enjoyment. Thickness also matters. The smallest diameter size of realistic dildos is 2-2.5 cm. They are also suitable for anal stimulation. But if you are looking for more filling and extreme sensations, you can always choose a model over 4 cm. The realistic dildo variants reach up to 7 cm in diameter.

We are a fast-growing online shop for sex items, directly oriented to meet the demand and needs of consumers on the market. We strive to constantly offer new, interesting and never-before-seen products made of high quality materials, the work of world famous manufacturers.

Some dildos that look like the real penis come with features like suction cups, harness compatibility, or vibrating functions.

Store represents Dildos that look like the real penis

Here you will find everything you need to turn your sex life into an unprecedented festival of emotions, feelings and unceasing moments of pleasure. Our friendly consultants are at your disposal to help you choose, inform and advise you to make the best purchase according to your needs and requirements.

Why choose Realistic Dildos?

We ship quickly and completely discreetly, and with every order placed with us you receive gifts and the right, under certain conditions, to benefit from an additional discount on a subsequent order. We love making you happy! Delight yourself with your first purchase and become another satisfied regular customer!