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Creature Cocks Unicorn Silicone Dildo - Multi Color


Creature Cocks Unicorn Silicone Dildo - Multi Color
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Signature Cocks Ultraskyn 11" Cock W-removable Vac-u-lock Suction Cup - Anton Harden


Live out your porn star dreams with Anton Harden's Signature...
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Signature Cocks Ultraskyn 9" Cock W-removable Vac-u-lock Suction Cup - Small Hands


Small Hands, the tattooed porn star famous for more than...
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Signature Cocks Ultraskyn 10" Cock W-removable Vac-u-lock Suction Cup - Isiah Maxwell


Isiah Maxwell famously went from intern to international porn star,...
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Jeff Stryker 10" Ultaskyn Cock


Live out your porn star fantasy! Molded directly from Jeff's...
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Creature Cocks Monstropus Tentacled Monster Silicone Dildo - Green-yellow


This Monster Octopus is coming for you from the depths...
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Dillio Platinum 8" Super Eight Silicone Dildo


Dillio Platinum 8" Super Eight Silicone Dildo - Purple
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Dillio Platinum 7" Slim Seven Silicone Dildo


Dillio Platinum 7" Slim Seven Silicone Dildo - Purple
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Dillio Platinum 7" Wild Thing Silicone Dildo


Dillio Platinum 7" Wild Thing Silicone Dildo - Peach
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Good sensual sex gives partners a real storm of vivid emotions, thrilling sensations, and unforgettable experiences! Gentle caresses or brute force, a slow dance of bodies, or a frantic dance of passion — each girl likes something of her own, and each reacts in her way to the touches and actions of her partner.

The female body is a whole ocean of tenderness and an amazing world of exciting sensations! You can explore it endlessly, alone or with a lover. Sex devices help to reveal one's sensuality, touch the exciting world of new trends, diversify intimate life, and involve a partner in realizing the most daring erotic dreams! And, of course, of all the variety of sex toys, the first thing you can think of is dildos.

They come in various shapes and sizes; they are specially created for beginners just discovering the world of sexual games and for experienced lovers of sensual pleasures.

What is a dildo, and how is it different from similar toys? A dildo is a device that does not have a vibration effect. He will give the owner natural pleasure and is perfect for any girl who loves sex. Although not all toys repeat the natural shape and size, acquiring this particular item most often becomes the first successful experience of using sex toys on the way to the heights of incomparable pleasure!

Erotic adventure alone or together

A dildo is not a substitute for a partner but an opportunity to explore your sensations, learn more about yourself and ways to have fun, and, most importantly, do it anytime! What better way to complement an evening's rest in bed or bath than the most sincere declaration of love for your body?

The dildo will not allow the owner to be defenseless before the surging wave of excitement. There is no reason to deny yourself sex just because your partner is not around. The device is completely in your power and belongs only to you, so you can only do what you want!

Some dildos have a suction cup at their bottom. You can attach them to a wall or a window when playing solo and go wild. Some of the best realistic suction cup dildos can adjust the suction level to the object it is sucked into; this helps with changing and trying different sex positions.

But the dildo suits solo games: many couples are happy to use the device in bed. A piquant detail fills sex with new vivid impressions and emotions and opens the way to bold experiments and endless facets of pleasure!

This is a great option for simulating double penetration and group sex! Many men go crazy just looking at a partner who gives herself pleasure, and when there is an opportunity to join a girlfriend. The appearance of a toy in intimate life opens up endless possibilities for unusual experiments that will give you completely new sensations!

Realistic cocklike mounted dongs

These mounted dongs are more cock shaped dildos with a mounting option such as a suction cup at the bottom, but this dong is very realistic in its material.

There is an erroneous opinion that only couples tired of ordinary sex and have lost interest in feelings that have become familiar resort to sex toys. Everything is different: devices help develop sensitivity and become bolder and more sincere - both with a partner and oneself. Do not refuse the opportunity to learn about your body that you might not even suspect!

How to use a dildo

It may seem that the answer to this question is vulgarly simple, but it is not. Listen to your body, don't forget to use special products to clean your device before and after games, and use a sufficient amount of suitable lubricant.

Not all materials are "friends" with water- and silicone-based fats; be sure to find out which one is right before you start caressing. You should not involve a toy in your intimate life just because your partner likes it: during sex, you should be, first, comfortable. Games with attributes will open up new horizons of enjoyment only if both "players" want new experiences and are ready for experiments!

What are the best realistic suction cup dildos?

Everyone has different preferences in bed and a different sexual temperament. Therefore, there is a huge variety of dildos, differing in the material from which they are made, shape, and special effects. When choosing a toy, you must pay attention to the material.

  • Latex is a resilient and slightly sticky material strongly associated with sex and, paired with lubrication, is excitingly similar to the most interesting parts of the partner's body.
  • Silicone is another popular solution in the world of sex devices. This hypoallergenic polymer heats quickly, providing magical warmth to the wearer's most sensitive areas. Use a water-based lubricant with silicone.
  • The gel is a soft material that will give you an exquisite, sophisticated, and unusual feeling. Like silicone, it absorbs heat very easily and transmits the exciting heat of an excited body.
  • A thermoplastic elastomer is a material with an interesting texture, but due to its porosity, it is difficult to maintain, suitable for playing with silicone and water-based lubricants.
  • Glass and metal - for lovers of unusual sensations. These are very hygienic materials that are easy to clean.
  • Plastic is a lightweight and inexpensive option for a solid material.
  • Cyberskin is a material designed to imitate human skin that gives the most natural pleasure.

The right toy can bring sensual frenzy into your life, paint sex with new bright colors and give you the most incredible orgasms! In our store, you will find a huge range of goods for pleasure, sexual games, and the most eloquent declarations of love!


Suction cup dildos, or mounted dongs, are adult toys with a strong suction cup at the base. This allows you to attach the dildo to smooth surfaces such as walls, floors, or shower tiles for hands-free pleasure.

To use a suction cup dildo, moisten the base and press it firmly onto a clean, smooth surface. Once securely attached, you can explore various positions and angles for an enjoyable experience.

Yes, suction cup dildos are generally safe for use. However, it is important to ensure that the surface you attach it to is clean, stable, and can support the weight of the dildo. Always use caution and common sense to avoid accidents.

Absolutely! Suction cup dildos are often designed to be waterproof, making them suitable for use in the shower or bathtub. Just make sure the surface is smooth and non-porous for a secure attachment.

Suction cup dildos offer hands-free pleasure, allowing you to experiment with different positions and angles without manual control. They can also simulate realistic sexual experiences and enhance solo or partnered play.

While suction cup dildos are primarily designed for hands-free play, some models may have a flared base that can fit into a harness. However, not all suction cup dildos are suitable for use with a harness, so it's important to check the product specifications.

In most cases, suction cup dildos are not specifically designed with strap-on systems. Their suction cup bases are intended for attachment to smooth surfaces rather than being compatible with strap-on harnesses.

To clean a suction cup dildo, use mild soap, warm water, or a designated toy cleaner. Ensure that the suction cup is thoroughly cleaned and dried before storage. Store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and avoid contact with other toys to prevent any material reactions.

Yes, suction cup dildos come in various sizes, shapes, and textures to suit individual preferences. From realistic designs to abstract forms, multiple options are available to cater to different desires.

When it comes to the best realistic suction cup dildos on the market, there are several top-rated options available. Some popular choices include brands like Bad Dragon, Vixen Creations, and Tantus, known for their exceptional quality, realistic designs, and lifelike textures. These brands often use high-quality materials and craftsmanship to provide a satisfying and authentic experience. Exploring customer reviews and product descriptions is recommended to find the perfect option that suits your preferences and desires.