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Rinse & Repeat Classic Ass


Rinse and repeat. Add lube, stroke, rinse and repeat. Realistic...
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Blush X5 Men Ass Stroker - Vanilla


This tight little X5 Men palm sized ass hole will...
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In A Bag Ass Stroker - Frost


In A Bag Ass Stroker - Frost
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Boy 19! Teen Twink Stroker - Chad Piper


This anal stroker was inspired by the anus of the...
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Signature Strokers Ultraskyn Pocket Ass - William Seed


Signature Strokers Ultraskyn Pocket Ass - William Seed
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Fuck My Tight Ass Mega Masturbator


From Pipedream comes the Fuck My Tight Ass! Mega Masturbator....
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Pdx Extreme Fill My Tight Pussy Masturbator W-moist & Toy Cleaner


You have always wanted to fuck a super tight meaty...
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Pdx Extreme Head-master Anal Snatch


Get ready for the most realistic pussy simulator ever created!...
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Palm Pal Twink Ass Ultraskyn Stroker - Vanilla


Palm Pal Twink Ass Ultraskyn Stroker - Vanilla
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Anal sex is one of the most desired and lusted-for pleasures that may not always be available. Your partner may not readily let you have this sort of pleasure. Our store is here to help you fulfill your desires whenever you wish. Male anal masturbators are designed to represent the butthole, allowing for a much tighter sensation, thus delivering great orgasms to those who appreciate anal sex.

Unlike pussy masturbators, these often look exactly like an anus and, of course, are much tighter. They come in many materials and colors, maybe textured inside to represent the real thing or have vibration for additional stimulation.

What kinds of anal masturbators do we offer?

The world of pleasures has virtually no boundaries. It is an ocean filled with unpredictable impulses. Our store may serve as a real compass, a navigator in this shoreless sea of pleasures, so no worries, you will not get lost even if you may be shy.

Today, we have reached the harbor of men's happiness. Yes, you are at the right place.

Naturally, you know your body better than anyone else. However, we are here to help you make another discovery.

This section covers the entire map of men's pleasures. Even if you are not a man, there is no reason you can't explore. Even if you are not just a man, you can find all you may wish for. There is nothing here to limit you.

Let's get on to it. This section is dedicated entirely to goods to help you imitate pleasure from anal sex. These anal masturbators are made of high-quality, innovative materials (TPR, TPE) which do not contain paraffin or parabens.

All of the accessories are ergonomically shaped and have unique technical properties. They are easily washable and simple to store.

How does one pick the best anal masturbators for men?

Our store showcases toys for any occasion and preference. Each lot is unique and may be the best choice for any man.

  • You can rest assured our toys are safe to use at any time; it is not necessary to use a condom. Your anal masturbator or stroker will never say no, nor will it tell anyone of you things intimate.
  • Devices with adjustable vibration can help you adjust the intensity of caresses and hold your orgasm off as much as you wish. You can be certain to get the most intense orgasm of your life. The internal structure of every lot is anatomically shaped exactly as the human anus, while some of the lots are directly molded after well-known adult models.
  • You can find butts to any preference, male, female, or twink. You can be sure to find what you wish for.
  • You also have the option to pick a model which can stimulate your balls. Additional functions included in many devices can help you mix up and increase your sensations as you use your device.
  • You won't have to beg your partner to give you the forbidden anal pleasure; the toys you get from us are always there to help.
  • Play out your sickest fantasies using our anal toys created specifically for you.

Additional pleasures of male butt masturbator

An anal masturbator is anatomically accurate to have a tight entry point while closely embracing your cock. It is textured to ensure a smooth slide in and out, giving you the desired pleasure. This produces the sensation as close to real sex as possible. Masturbation representing a male or a female anus has a stimulating inner surface to add a great feeling.

Sometimes it may even be a complete male butt masturbator, which is called so because it represents the entire male butt, with butt cheeks and balls to make the impression more realistic. Some models of such toys also have a vibrator element. Anal masturbators for men come in very different shapes and colors.

Very popular are transparent anal mastubators which can let you see the entire process until you ejaculate. There are also smaller masturbators with a tube or a glass envelope, which you can easily hide or take with you on a trip, and full-sized asses completely indistinguishable from real ones (these ones are better off kept at home).

Guys willing to experiment can take advantage of gay masturbators imitating men\s asses. They are realistic enough to have the ball sack below the cheeks to make you feel you are having sex with a man. Usually, such masturbators are water-proof so you can use them in a hot tub.

Those men worried about someone finding their adult toy (kids or relatives) may purchase models who look like more innocent objects, such as tin cans or flashlights.

Toys that look like an anus are an excellent way to relax at any moment and reduce stress while avoiding unnecessary and questionable relations or STDs. You are just one click away from buying any toy from our store, while we guarantee fast delivery, full anonymity, and a high degree of confidentiality protection.

No, we haven't forgotten about those who like tight, tempting pussies: this section also contains realistic pussy imitators. A great model with three silicone rings can add to the diversity in the butt hole imitator category.

Every position has information on payment and delivery. Any buyer can provide feedback on the purchased goods and our service.



An Anal Masturbator, also known as a male butt masturbator, is a specialized adult toy designed for stimulating the anus during solo play. It typically features a textured inner sleeve that provides intense sensations and is made from body-safe materials for a realistic experience.

Anal Masturbators are designed to mimic the sensation of anal penetration. They usually have a tight, textured inner sleeve that offers a lifelike feel. To use an Anal Masturbator, apply a water-based lubricant to the opening and insert your penis. Move the toy up and down, experiencing the pleasurable sensations as you control the speed and intensity.

Yes, a wide variety of Anal Masturbators are available to suit individual preferences. Some may be shaped like a realistic anus, while others have a more abstract design. They may also come with different internal textures and features, allowing you to explore various sensations and experiences.

The best Anal Masturbators for men depend on personal preferences and desired sensations. Some popular options include the Tenga Flip Zero EV, Fleshlight Turbo Thrust, and Fun Factory Manta. These toys are known for their quality construction, innovative features, and intense stimulation, making them excellent choices for men seeking pleasurable anal play experiences.

Cleaning an Anal Masturbator is crucial to ensure hygiene and longevity. After use, remove the inner sleeve and rinse it with warm water and mild antibacterial soap. Let it air dry completely before reassembling the toy. It's also recommended to use a specialized toy cleaner or disinfectant spray to keep the toy clean and sanitized.

While Anal Masturbators are primarily designed for solo play, you can incorporate them into partner activities. Using the toy during foreplay or integrating it into role-playing scenarios can enhance pleasure for both partners. Remember to communicate with your partner and ensure their consent and comfort before introducing new toys or activities.

When used correctly and with proper hygiene practices, Anal Masturbators are safe to use. Ensure you choose a high-quality toy from body-safe materials such as silicone or TPE. Use plenty of water-based lubricants to reduce friction and discomfort. It's also important to start slowly and listen to your body's signals to avoid pain or injury.

You can use an Anal Masturbator with a condom for added protection and easier cleanup. Roll a condom onto the toy before inserting your penis. Using a condom can also be beneficial if you share the toy with multiple partners, as it provides a barrier that helps prevent the spread of bacteria and STIs.

Selecting the right Anal Masturbator involves considering texture, size, and material factors. Consider your preferences, whether you prefer a realistic or abstract design, and the level of intensity you desire. Reading reviews and seeking recommendations from trusted sources can also help you make an informed decision.

Anal Masturbators can be ideal for beginners, but starting with smaller sizes and less intense textures is important if you're new to anal play. Look for toys designed for beginners, often offering a gentler and more accommodating experience. Gradually increase the size and intensity as you become more comfortable and experienced with anal stimulation.