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Pjur Woman Nude Water Based Personal Lubricant - 100 Ml


Woman Nude is a premium water-based personal lubricant created for...
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Pink Frolic Gel Lubricant - 3.3 Oz Flip Top Tube


PINK® Frolic is the perfect partner for women who love...
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Sliquid Organics Silk Lubricant - .17 Oz Pillow


Orgasmically organic! Sliquid Organics Silk is a water and silicone-based...
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Pink Silicone Lube Flip Top Bottle


PINK Silicone is our most lubricating and long-lasting formula, and...
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Pink Natural Water Based Lubricant For Women


PINK Natural is our new water-based lubricant designed for women...
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Pink Water Lube Flip Top Bottle


PINK Water is our high-quality purified water-based lubricant that feels...
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Pink Indulgence Creme - 3.3 Oz Tube


Paradise is where passion grows. Experience your delight and desire...
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Prepair Spermicidal Lubricant


PrePair Spermicidal Lubricant with 1% Nonoxynol-9 recommended for use with...
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Encounter Female Anal Lubricant - Ultimate


Encounter Female Anal lubricant is specially formulated thick and slick...
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Lubricant is a vaginal moisturizer designed to facilitate friction. So-called gels are made from natural or synthetic wax, providing the comfort of sexual intercourse. They moisturize the vagina and serve to protect its mucous membranes from cracks and irritations that cause pain and serve as a pathway for infection.

What is a lubricant for women?

Lube for women is a lubricating fluid that is naturally produced in a woman's vagina. A healthy woman always has it, but the amount increases significantly during sexual arousal in anticipation of sexual intercourse and acts as a vaginal moisturizer. May vary in consistency, texture, taste, color, and smell depending on how aroused you are, the phase of your menstrual cycle, the presence of an infectious process, the influence of certain drugs, genetic factors, and diet. The normal pH of the vaginal fluid is between 3.8 and 4.5. It is the acidic environment that is the condition for the development and growth of the normal microflora of the vagina.

Traditionally, intimate lubrication was created in order to compensate for the absence of cervical secretions.

In doing so it:

  • reduces vaginal dryness;
  • protects the mucous membrane and tissues from microtrauma, rubbing;
  • prevents condoms from breaking during intercourse;
  • improves quality and creates comfortable conditions during medical examinations and manipulations;
  • eliminates pain and discomfort during intercourse.
  • criteria that you should pay attention to when choosing a lubricant for the intimate area:
  • the reason for using an intimate lubricant for women.
  • pelvic health problems (allergies, vaginal dryness, susceptibility to infection).
  • personal preference.

Types of lube for women

The main types of intimate lubricants include water-based, oil-based, or silicone-based lubricants

Water-based intimate lubricants

Some of the best lube for women have the chemical composition and physical properties of substances of this type, water-based anal lube that resembles a natural lubricant, dries quickly and does not stain linen and clothes. They are almost universal, and do not destroy the condom, allow the use of a sex assortment, do not destroy the vaginal microflora. Their prices are available. But they exclude the use in the process of water procedures since they are easy to wash off with water.

Oil-based intimate lubricants

The oil-based lubricants for women are distinguished by viscosity, stickiness, and density. Despite the fact that they are one of the first drugs in the intimate industry and are still in demand, they have a number of disadvantages. Oil lubricants destroy latex, and stain clothes and underwear, which are then very difficult to wash off.

Silicone lubricants

Differ in the increased efficiency and economic expenditure. They can even be used for intimacy in water, as they are resistant to rinsing and differ in drying time. They contribute to high-quality sliding but exclude the use of sex accessories, silicone, and imitating human skin. These drugs are convenient but quite expensive.

How to use a vaginal moisturizer

Intimate gels and ointments, like any drugs that are in close contact with the body, require attention and compliance with the rules for their use. Before you purchase and begin to diversify your sexual relations with their help, you need to study the composition of the drug and the rules for its use.

By listening to the recommendations indicated in the annotation, you can protect yourself and your partner from undesirable consequences.

  • lubrication should be preceded by hygiene procedures (thorough washing);
  • the skin on which the gel or ointment is applied must be dry;
  • the amount of applied gel should be sufficient to ensure comfortable intercourse;
  • when using intimate accessories, a layer of cream is applied to them;
  • after sexual intercourse with the use of lubricants, thoroughly wash the intimate organs and hands with soap, completely removing the remaining lubricant from them.

We make sure that our lubricants are created using the most ideal components, which are both secure and highly effective. We've carefully selected our range of goods to match the preferences of individuals seeking premium lubricants that give outstanding results without compromising safety. We take great care to make sure our lubricants are formulated using only the finest ingredients, which are not only safe to use but also provide a fantastic experience.

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