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Bring It Up Original Breast Lifts - A- D Cup Pack Of 8


Bring It Up Instant Breast Lifts enhances your body image....
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Zeus Wet Look Brief Style Jock Strap Black O/s


A provocative wet look jock strap with perforated faux leather...
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Kitten Wet Look Bandeu Dress Black O/s


Show off your rockin' figure with the Kitten Wet Look...
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Kitten Croc & Eyelash Lace Cat Mask Black O/s


Croc-patterned cat mask with eyelash lace trim. Elastic back.
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Diamond Fishnet Thigh Highs Black O/s


Complete your lingerie ensemble with these sheer thigh high stockings...
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Lace Halter Cami W/removable Leg Garters & G-string Black O/s


Sexy lingerie is a must have and this set is...
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Pink Lipstick Slice & Dice Seamless Dress O/s


Shred hard in our fully cutout seamless dress. Enough coverage...
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Pink Lipstick Rule Breaker Open Side Dress


Pink Lipstick Rule Breaker Open Side Dress . Color: Black...
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Play Darque Halter Top, Crtchlss Pnty, Gartrs & Restraints (psties & G Not Included) Merlot O-s


Harness halter top design.Metal O-ring details.Adjustable straps/garters. Removable restraints with...
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In this section we are going to present to you our sexy lingerie for special cases. It is made not to please some stranger’s eye, but for special rendez-vous and having the pleasure. This erotic lingerie wakes up your imagination, and is intended to provoke feelings. It can also help correct your appearance and make attractive parts of your body even more pleasing.

Sexy Lingerie for Figure Correction

Invisible underwear is quite good for occasions when we do not intend to take off our clothes, yet are provoking someone to take the clothes off from us.

Invisible breast push-ups, areola patches with differently shaped nipples and skin colors will make your breast look seductive and attractive while you are still wearing your clothes.

When it’s time to get naked, you can prepare another surprise from this section, but we’ll save it for later.

A Dress Can be Erotic Lingerie, Too

Erotic lingerie is not limited to just the suspenders, stockings and micro-panties even though those are good. We are offering such wonderful body suits which can be a lot more attractive than many other sets.

Erotic Lingerie instantly fires up men’s imagination, literally bringing them to the boiling point. If you sense that he’s about to release the steam from his ears, it’s best to take off your panties yourself, otherwise you will have to pick the pieces from your bedroom floor later.

When you are wearing these dresses, you will still be legal in most of the states, but barely so. Fully cut or fully hugging metallic black dresses always make people wonder whether those are for dating, or straight for the bed.

Provocative Women's Sexy Lingerie

There are examples of women's sexy lingerie which never keep anyone wondering. These are made exactly for boosting sexual pleasure, nothing more. These may be seductive stockings, suspenders, lace bodysuits, provocative belts and ties, chains, open-work gloves and masks — these parts of outfit are just calling into the forbidden world of mysteries.

Small panties with a set of nipple patches in different shapes, from innocent butterflies and pearls to blooded axes can convey your mood and help you express your intent in a straight unambiguous manner.

This is the choice for real cougars and amazon warriors. Some sets are wearable on top of other clothing. This will be a real challenge at a party, or a straightforward statement made by a lady who’s in for some adventure.

Hot Sexy Lingerie for Men

The time when men’s erotic wear was limited by a srip-teaser strings. Today men are free to choose from a great number of accessories to emphasize their manliness, or show something a woman would rather wear, for it’s all about your choice!

A belt with a case upfront, belts and harnesses, tiny bikini pants and various patches can help create a broad spectrum of different styles.

Surprise your partner of you haven’t done this before yet. The effect you get may exceed the boldest of your expectations!

Special Thing About Sexy White lingerie

White underwear is the embodiment of cleanliness, tenderness and love for oneself. Sexy white lingerie is not just about aesthetics, but is also fairly practical. White underwear suits a great number of types of other clothing.

White color greatly emphasizes tanned skin, or the darker skin color. This wonderful contrast of chocolate and ice-cream can make you especially tasty and attractive.

White lace is the most beautiful and tender of all. When speaking of white underwear in general, it is often chosen by romantic young people, or those wish to produce such an impression.

50 Shades of Sexy Black Lingerie

Black erotic underwear is the choice of brave and confident women. It brings more confidence, sexuality, and passion. Pick your own style and enjoy being the sexiest and most attractive woman in the world! Play with the materials when making your own set of sexy black lingerie, combining leather, lace, nets, silk, and fur.

It seems the night itself is behind the idea of sexy black lingerie specifically for its sexual mysteries.

The Hottest Sexy Red Lingerie

Red is the color of passion and desire, the color of bravery, arousal, and eroticism.

Men think of women in sexy red lingerie as passionate and liberated lovers who can experiment and take on the dominating role in the play.

Red color signals for getting more intimate, and, with some men, may be a plain invitation for sex.

Our collection has a great variety of red clothes which invite someone to get more intimate, so add some fire to your sex life.

This little part of your clothing can literally make a revolution in a man’s mind. Not only such clothes please the eye with intricate form. But also wake up the erotic fantasies, or the sweet romantic memories, strong sensations, and a tireless desire to have that beautiful woman. Such underwear can definitely make your partner go wild.