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Blush Wellness Dilator Kit - Purple


The Wellness Silicone Dilator Set is carefully crafted for your...
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Shots Sono No. 8 Butt Plug - Black Set Of 4


For all you backdoor lovers or those who want to...
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Booty Sparks Red Heart Gem Anal Plug Set


Decorate your derriere with this trio of Ruby Anal Hearts!...
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Shots Ouch Diamond Shape Butt Plug Set - Black


This butt plug is made of silky soft silicone and...
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Shots Ouch Rippled Butt Plug Set - Black


This butt plug is made of silky soft silicone and...
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Shots Ouch Swirled Butt Plug Set - Black


This butt plug is made of silky soft silicone and...
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Rocks Off Petite Sensations Bubbles - 7 Speed Purple


Discover the gentle approach to experiencing anal play with Petite...
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Fantasy For Her Little Gems Trainer Set - Purple


She knew it was the right time for her to...
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Nexus G Play Trio Rechargeable Massagers - Black


The Nexus G play Trio is a selection of three...
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A butt plug is meant to give pleasure. You can use it as a standalone pleasure tool and a way to prepare for more refined anal games by relaxing the muscles for bigger objects to enjoy. 

Anal orgasm is just as real as any other one, as sexologists admit. Our Butt Plug Set will suit anyone seeking to bring some variety into one’s intimate life or someone willing to try anal games yet does not know where to start.

Picking Right Anal Training Sets

A classical anal plug consists of three elements: the tip, a thin leg, and a wide base that functions as a limiter. The wide base prevents the toy from getting into the colon, keeping the plug in place as the body moves. This limiter is also necessary for removing the piece from the body.

Anal Training Sets are smaller, preparing the anus for more intensive foreplay or games with your partner.

Finding the Best Anal Training Set for Beginners

Any intimate goods store will offer a wide range of products. However, many will feel better buying the Best Anal Training Set for Beginners online. This will prevent you from getting embarrassed if you meet someone you know at a store, leaving you more open for future experiments.

Butt Plug Sets may help you implement your most daring fantasies, from a solo prostate orgasm to BDSM games.

Do not place limits on your desires. You should study your body to get as much pleasure as possible!

The Benefit of Purchasing 3pc Glass Anal Plugs

Our website offers sets consisting of several butt plugs of different sizes. One set like that should be enough to turn you from an innocent beginner to a refined master of anal games.

Vibrating butt plugs with a tip to attach a tail can turn you or your partner into a lustful animal. You can even wiggle your tail using a remote control, taking the highest control possible over your slave.

Here are some advantages of purchasing intimate toys from our store:

  1. Wide selection. Our store offers a variety of personal toys, from classic to more innovative models. This allows customers to choose from many options and find products that suit their preferences and needs.
  2. Quality and safety. Our store guarantees the high quality and safety of its products. Intimate toys are made from body-safe materials and undergo necessary testing to ensure compliance with quality standards.
  3. Confidentiality. Our store ensures a high degree of privacy when purchasing intimate toys. 
  4. Professional customer service. Our store provides professional customer service to assist customers in selecting suitable products. Qualified staff can answer questions and provide advice and recommendations to help customers make informed decisions.
  5. Discreet packaging. We package intimate toys in opaque and neutral packaging to ensure complete confidentiality during delivery. Customers can be confident that the contents of the package will be visible once it is opened.

A wide variety of models inspired by porn stars are out there waiting for you to try them out! So what are you waiting for? Order the 3pc glass anal plugs set or any other butt plugs from our store. We guarantee easy delivery and full confidentiality of our clients.


Butt Plug Sets, also known as Anal Training Sets, are collections of anal plugs designed to help individuals gradually and comfortably explore anal play. These sets usually include pins of different sizes, allowing users to progress from smaller to larger sizes as they become more comfortable and experienced with anal stimulation.

The main purpose of an Anal Training Set is to facilitate gradual anal stretching and training. These sets are designed to help beginners ease into anal play by starting with smaller plugs and progressively moving on to larger sizes. This gradual approach allows the body to adjust to the sensations and helps reduce discomfort or potential injuries.

For beginners, a popular choice is a 3pc glass anal plug set. Glass plugs are smooth, non-porous, and easily cleaned. They also offer a firm yet comfortable sensation during use. The group typically includes three sizes, allowing beginners to start with the smallest plug and work their way up at their own pace.

Choosing the right size from a Butt Plug Set depends on your comfort level and experience. It's generally recommended to start with the smallest plug in the set and gradually progress to larger sizes as your body adapts. Remember to listen to your body, use plenty of lubrication, and take your time during each session to ensure a pleasurable and safe experience.

Yes, Butt Plug Sets are ideal for individuals of all genders. Both men and women can enjoy anal play; these sets are designed to accommodate different anatomies. The key is finding the right size and shape that provides a comfortable and pleasurable experience for you, regardless of gender.

Proper cleaning and maintenance are crucial for the hygiene and longevity of your Butt Plug Set. Glass plugs can be easily cleaned with warm water and mild soap, or you can use a specialized toy cleaner. Rinse the pins thoroughly and allow them to dry before storing them in a clean, dry place. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that can damage the surface of the plugs.

Absolutely! Lubrication is essential for comfortable and safe anal play. Water-based lubricants are generally recommended for use with Butt Plug Sets, as they are compatible with different materials, including glass plugs. Apply a generous amount of lube to both the anus and the plug before insertion to reduce friction and enhance sensations.

When used correctly and properly, Butt Plug Sets are safe to use. It's important to start with smaller sizes, use plenty of lubrication, and progress at a pace that feels comfortable for your body. If you experience pain, discomfort, or bleeding, you should stop using the plugs and consult a healthcare professional.

Butt Plug Sets can be enjoyed during solo play and with a partner. Many individuals find anal stimulation pleasurable and incorporate it into their sexual activities, whether alone or with a partner. Communication and consent are essential when introducing anal play with a partner, ensuring a mutually enjoyable and comfortable experience.

Reputable adult toy stores often prioritize discreet packaging to respect customer privacy. When purchasing a Butt Plug Set from a trusted seller, you can expect the product to be packaged discreetly without any explicit labeling or branding. This way, you can confidently order your desired item while maintaining privacy throughout shipping.